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OnlineDivorceCalifornia is one of the cheapest options on the market. We provide spouses with all the forms necessary for their individual uncontested case and fill the documents out for them for as little as $199. While lawyers charge more for assets, debts, and the involvement of children, with us, the price remains the same no matter the family or financial situation.

Want to get divorced cheap? With OnlineDivorceCalifornia, it is a real possibility. Ordering filled out legal forms from us, you will be able to divorce in California without a lawyer, and thus, save an average of $13,000!

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If you cannot deposit the whole sum right away, we will be glad to offer you an installment plan. Just send us an email outlining a convenient payment plan for you, and we will do our best to address your needs. There will be no need to delay your divorce as our team can help you get started right away.

Delivery Options

No matter which way you want to get your set of documents, we have got you covered:

Delivery OptionsPriceFeatures
E-DeliveryFreeNo extra payment. You will receive a full package of filled out documents via the email.
Standard Shipping35$Receive your paperwork by postal mail within 5-6 days
Express Shipping45$Get all documents printed and mailed to you in just 1-2 days.

Cost of Divorce in California

How Much Does Divorce Cost in CA on Average?

Divorce prices in California vary and mainly depend on the type of marriage dissolution you want to pursue:

  • A contested one presupposes that you and your ex do not agree on any or some of the financial and child-related issues in your divorce. In this case, each one of you will have to get a lawyer and spend anywhere from $10,000 to $35,000.
  • An uncontested one, on the other hand, requires you and your ex to be in full agreement as to how you want to end things. This is the cheapest way to get a divorce in California as you do not need to hire a lawyer, and can either deal with the paperwork yourself or get it from an online service. Regardless of your choice, a marriage dissolution will cost you under $1,000.

Cost of a Contested Marriage Dissolution

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As getting a lawyer in a contested case would be the best course of action, a lot will depend on the:

  • Number of issues you and your ex disagree on.
  • How much assets and debts you have.
  • The number of underage children in a marriage.
  • Hourly rates of a lawyer and their retention fee.

Note that even in the simplest scenario, you will spend around $10,000. If any issues arise, it is hard to put any upper limit on a sum you may potentially spend. Overall, a contested marriage dissolution not only costs a lot but is also way lengthier than an uncontested one. Therefore, if you want to get a cheap and quick divorce, reaching an agreement with your spouse is the best option.

Cost of Uncontested Divorce in California

The amount of money you will spend on an uncontested marriage dissolution depends on your approach to it:

  • Getting a lawyer.
    While you do not necessarily need a lawyer, you may hire one so that they can prepare the necessary documents, file them, and arrange the service process. This will likely cost you around $5,000.
  • Doing everything yourself.
    If you are confident that you can navigate the divorce process with no help whatsoever, you will only have to pay the court fees amounting to around $500. This option is worth choosing only if you are in no rush and are ready to repeat the filing process a few times in case forms you found are outdates, there are mistakes in the paperwork, etc.
  • Using an online divorce service.
    When you want to get a low-cost divorce in California, but also need some assistance with the paperwork, an online service is your best option. While you will pay an extra $199 on top of the court costs, you will have a guarantee that the filing process will be successful.

Filing Fee for Divorce in California

How much does it cost to file for divorce in CA? If you are wondering about court costs, they vary from county to county. However, an average divorce filing fee in California would be around $435. Note that this is merely a payment required to initiate your marriage dissolution. It does not cover other court costs such as copy making and other surcharges.

Why choose OnlineDivorceCalifornia?

  • Easy divorce in California.
    No need to search for forms or wonder which ones suit your case. We will choose and fill out the paperwork for you based on your answers in the questionnaire.
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    We provide only up-to-date versions of forms that are 100% legal and used by courts. Therefore, you will not face any issues when filing them.
  • Affordable divorce documents.
    Even if you have 10 children and property all over California, you can still get a full package of divorce paperwork for only $199. There is no catch.
  • No lawyers needed.
    Why hire a lawyer if you and your spouse are in full agreement? Once you get the documents from OnlineDivorceCalifornia, you will be ready to file!
  • Free filing instructions.
    Not having a legal representative will not leave you confused about the process. We will provide you with step-by-step instructions to guide you throughout your marriage dissolution.
  • Quick divorce in California.
    You will receive the legal paperwork in just a few days and will be ready to file in no time! Feel free to choose a more urgent delivery option depending on your needs.

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